Welcome to the official web site of the Maricopa County, AZ chapter of the Roughnecks MC. Our club is a brotherhood of active and retired Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and Military Personnel. We all risk our lives and serve our communities in one way or another.

The Roughnecks MC is a club consisting of motorcycles or trikes with 500+ CC engines. We all live by Old School values and the rule of the Wild West Lawman!

We live and ride for the wind in our face and the tight bond of brotherhood amongst those of us who risk our lives protecting and serving our communities and our country.

We RESPECT ALL colors and clubs, so we expect the SAME. Although we wear an Arizona bottom rocker, we claim no territory nor do we interfere with those that do. Our bottom rocker only signifies what state we are from.

The Roughnecks MC grew from common interests and visions shared by our founding members in 2002 in Scottsdale, AZ where the first organizational meeting took place. By 2003, the Roughnecks MC became a reality and grew to our first expansion chapters in Sacramento and San Diego, CA. We currently have 55 chapters in the U.S. and Canada and are listed as a limited liability corporation.

Mission statement:
The Roughnecks Motorcycle Club (RMC) is a non-profit, independent and charity-oriented organization. The goal of the club is to generate an increased level of camaraderie for Public Safety Officers, Military Personnel and First Responders and enthusiasm for riding motorcycles. The club will also strive to raise funds for selected charities.

Membership information:
1. Must be a current/retired Public Safety Officer, Military Personnel and First Responders in good standing. The following are eligible for Full RMC Membership:
a. State, local or federal Law Enforcement Officer,
b. Correctional/Detention Officer,
c. Emergency Medical Technician-(EMT-II or P), (or equivalent state or local licensees)
d. State, local or federal Firefighters
e. Parole or Probation Officer,
f. Military personnel
g. Any other first responder whose job is such that the routine performance thereof places them at risk of personal injury and/or danger while protecting the public.
2. Own and operate a motorcycle with an engine displacement of no less than 500 Cubic Centimeters (CCs).
3. Members cannot belong to any other motorcycle club, except any lifetime member in good standing.
4. Except for a new chapter’s charter members, all new prospective members will be required to undergo an evaluation (prospecting) period. The prospecting period will be determined by each chapter.

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